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PolyGamegirl - yeah, I am surprised we are still here too at times when I think about how bad things were for me. The reason we are still together is mostly because of him.....he fought to make things right between us again. Fought to undo what he had done.

MindfulAgony - thank you for your thoughts and sharing your experiences. I am currently at peace with my decision. Somehow I just am not worried at this point I time. We have communicated many times over since the last poly experience. Being honest about our needs, learning to be open with one another.

We will just do what I have read you all do....continue to talk and work the kinks out as they present themselves. If we come to a place where we cannot agree that may mean we must go our separate ways

For now,I'm content excited and ready to experience growth. There is no success without some failure along the way....we may fall (like we did before) but we'll get back up....I hope lol

Your right though, restrictions may need to be adjusted....thanks for the awareness.
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