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I had a guinea pig when I was a kid. She dies when I was 17, I was so sad... I remember, I went to pet her, put my hand into her house as I often did, and when I petted her I immediately knew something was wrong. I lifted up her house (I had made it with my dad, out of wood, she had been eating the doorway as she grew so she could fit through) and I saw that she was dead. Her eyes just looked different.

It was so sad, and yet it was a good death, she died old and in her own little house. I'm very sorry for your loss. My guinea pig was an albino, her name was Framboise, which means Raspberry in French.
I still have her ashes in a sweet little box with flowers on it. She was the first pet that was just mine, the other pets were household pets, they were everyone's, and as hard as it was when they died, it wasn't as personal.
Now I have three cats and two dogs, but out of them only one was really my pet, a cat I got when I was 19. I hope she lives a long time, I know I'll be devastated when she dies. Even though she can be so grumpy, and she keeps knocking things off my desk when I'm trying to work

You and LB have all my wishes. I know people often brush it off when they hear a pet dies, but it can be a very emotional time and I'm very sorry for you guys.
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