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Default Contingency plan

This refers to this thread but I want to separate the "whether" from the "what if."

Basically, I need to think about what potential consequences this can have, and what tools we can use to cope with them. We're entering completely uncharted territory for all of us, so we don't have experience to draw on.

I'll summarize the situation, but there are lots of pertinent details in the other thread.

My best friend is coming out of an abusive relationship and my husband is staying with her for protection. She lives a province over, and he's working out of town an hour from where she lives. A sexual attraction has developed between them, but neither wants to pursue a romantic relationship. They just want convenience sex.

What tools exist to deal with the potential fallouts from this? Specifically, that her head could get more messed up than it already is; that the "knight in shining armour" effect could make her develop feelings she's not planning to have; that if things "get weird" then it could carry into our friendship.
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