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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Do you really feel "we are a minority that would be reviled more than almost any other?" Poly is becoming more and more known, written about, reported on, and publicized, and I don't think it's true that polyfolk are more reviled than others.
Maybe this is just an impression I have: for the mainstream American mindset, at least, poly is near the bottom of the slippery slope, just above (or next to?) bestiality or, as one especially dense public official would have it, marrying inanimate objects.

What piqued my curiosity is not that poly folk have found one another and have communities (like this one) for support and encouragement, but a vague impression that associations of poly folk might tend to become exclusive communities or cliques, or a primary focus of social life.

All I had were vague impressions, though, based on very limited experience and small sample sizes.

From the responses to the poll, it would seem that people who consider themselves poly are quite diverse, in this as in many other respects.
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