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So we met up with this other polyamorous couple (A, the girl and J, the guy) on Friday for lunch, which lasted three hours including a walk along the waterfront. Everyone, including my usually shy fiance (M) got along really well. The subject of poly never really came up, but we all talked about our OKC profiles and there was certainly a lot of talk about sex. A and I are both more extroverted than J and M.

Anyway, after lunch both couples went home. Later that night (around 8) we got a message from A, tentatively suggesting we get together for a Rock Band party at our place (all four of us love the game). I was up for it, and was surprised to find that M was as well. So they came over around 10, and ended up staying until almost 5. We spent most of the time talking, drinking and playing Rock Band. If anything, conversation that night was more tame than lunch. Other than A being a bit touchy/flirty when drunk, the evening was nothing more than four people getting along really well. At least, so I thought. It turns out that while J and I went to get something out of the car, A started asking M about her sexual orientation. M is pretty mono, and definitely straight, so nothing came of it. Fortunately, M doesn't seem to be particularly put off about this as we're planning to hang out with them again this Sunday.

Anyway, it turns out that A and J are as new to poly as we are. I should be careful when saying "we", as M has decided that she intends to remain mono for the foreseeable future, but that she views me being poly as crucial to my happiness. I admit that I was hoping that M and J would hit it off, as I'm very attracted to A, and I had hopeful, drunken ideas of a quad. No such luck.

With that said, I'm now in several-hours-a-day chatting/texting contact with A, and we seem to be hitting it off. I'm very interested, and it's pretty obvious that she is as well. A and J decided that J is going to date before she can though, so there's no possibility of anything in the immediate future. This suits me fine as I want to take things slowly and give M time to adjust. I am, of course, keeping M fully informed about goings-on with A.

I'm still adjusting to being able to feel the way that I do about A. I'm also keeping a close friend (H, who lives a very long way away) in the loop. She used to be poly, but is mono (with her fantastic boyfriend) at the moment. It is our hope that someday down the road if both couples transition to poly, that we can have a long-distance relationship. We've had strong feelings for eachother for ten years, but the distance (which includes an international border) has forbid it. A long distance, secondary relationship would be amazing though.

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