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My wife and I are in Tulsa and I just signed up on okcupid a this week, although we have been open for a couple of years, and it looks promising. Its MUCH easier for a woman to find at the very least men comfortable with a casual relationship like a friend with benifits but I really havnt had much luck on my end with that. The exception would be going out with swingers on occasion but I rapidly tire of the sex with no emotional connection. Fun, but it's like eating candy, no real substance.

I'm hoping that at some point to find someone to date but for now I'm comfortable with the occasional having fun with friends, it's just not all I want and need. The big float trip on the 24th the wife and I are going on should be blast and who knows maybe I'll meet some people who are poly but swinger friendly out there. If not, eh it will still be a fun time.

OkCupid profile is polyfromtulsa for anyone who might be curious or interested.

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