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Aww, sorry for your loss, RP. Perhaps you felt close to this pet even more so because you and LB picked him out and brought him home. I remember you once wrote in this thread how you were on the couch and balancing a bunch of stuff, picked up the guinea pig and somehow he peed right into your coffee cup. Hahahaha!

My cat is about 17 years old now. He's crazy but is really feeling his age, moans and groans whenever he tries to get comfortable. He sleeps so soundly he doesn't even wake up until I pet him, when he used to pop up all alert as soon as I walked in the door. I've had him since before his eyes opened (less than 10 days old), when his alley cat mother had abandoned him. He was always a little weirdo, with one of his big fangs much, much longer than the other, not very affectionate, somewhat brain-damaged, I think. But I will miss him when he goes.
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