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Well, SC, I have always thought of you as very rational and level-headed in your approach to poly. I don't know quite why, but I am a little surprised that you have concerns about this, especially since they have been sexual with each other before (I assume that's what you mean when you say they "played together at fetish events" - or was it not full-on intercourse/sex?). So, my question is, are you concerned that they actually will develop "romantic" feelings for each other? If so, what is it, exactly, that you are afraid of or apprehensive about? Or is it something else? Because I actually don't see too much of a problem in this situation. Again, I'm not sure why, but my gut reaction is that it will be fine if they go ahead and do this. This is just a sense I have from the little bit I have read about you and your husband's relationship in your posts -- as long as everyone voices any insecurities or discomfort and does what is needed to handle it.
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