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Anything that someone says to my wife or I, they effectively say to both of us. Anyone that one of us dates, the other meets by the 3rd date to make sure we all get along well before things get serious. My wife and I don't do anything with anyone else that could potentially result in pregnancy, and STD tests for everyone are needed before going beyond manual stimulation. No romantic partners other than my wife and I are to live with us, though others can and do visit.

If someone wants to see one of us alone, it usually needs to be when the other is busy anyhow, except for special occasions like birthdays. I could see that changing if/when we're ever on the same work/sleep schedule, as then we'd have more time to spare, and it'd be difficult otherwise to still see other people.

All just basic rules to stay healthy, keep things somewhat simple regarding potential child custody and housing, and not wanting to lose much time with each other, given that most weekdays we only have ~5 hours together in the evening and mostly sleep while the other works. I think there's a lot we can be potentially flexible about if need be, but for now things are working pretty well. By design we get along with each other's metamours and are glad to hang out with them.

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