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Default Open Marriage...Starting Anew

Hello everyone,

You may or may not remember, but a little over a year ago I joined this forum. My husband revealed that he was having an affair...had been involved with S for some time. We had just had twin boys a year prior to his confession so our relationship was definitely strained. To make long story short...he explained to me that he has been poly all his mature life. He has always maintained two women since he could remember. The issue though was that his main girlfriend never knew about the other woman' but the other woman always knew the truth. The same was true with me (his wife)...i did not know, but S did know all about me, etc. One thing though is that he didn't understand that there was a such thing as poly until S introduced the concept to him.

OK, short and sweet. S understood poly and wanted to meet me if I was willing build from there. You see my husband had made it very clear that was not going to ever leave me for anyone. So being with him meant she could not have him without sharing him with me.

I agreed to meet her, but because of the deceit and betrayal and shock....our poly lasted only two months.

It is a year later and I find myself missing some aspects of the poly we we have decided to open the marriage. It was my idea has I did enjoy things. We are not talking poly, just an open marriage. This means he is free to have a 'sex only relationship with another woman.

I am so excited, but afraid that I won't be able to handle it when the time comes. I feel confident that I will be just fine....but fantasy and reality are two different things.

So that is where we are now, I just wanted to say hi....and give you all a bit of information on our relationship.
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