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Stepping back from the forums is allowing me to explore a new medium of learning. I had a great talk with Redpepper about everything leading up to my online break which goes back farther than most think. I am no artist but have taken up my version of drawing (lol) and am excited to share graphic visualizations of things I have explained to her. She has a Masters Degree in Art therapy and I look forward to her discussing meanings that perhaps I miss in my own drawings.

This is a period of journaling for me; bringing together what I have learned so far before diving into new depths of myself.
This is a positive time for both of us….we have learned a lot from the forums and will learn more inevitably. We are happy and connected…she makes sure of this by dragging communication out of me sometimes…but I’m pretty willing when I chose to be

Thanks Lilo. Your ever-listening ear and world of patience has saved me from travelling down dark paths time and time again. I used to get defensive when those around us would question the nature of our love; would look to find flaw in a depth of connection they chose not to believe. I no longer do. I understand that those who question or can’t understand it are not motivated by genuine malice. They simply have no frame of reference to understand it.

You are my Love, I am with my chosen family…ultimately being together as family is all that matters.

Peace and Love
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