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I just started in my vee last December, so I'm not certain either. And by started, I mean we were considering it, so I'm not counting that one (holiday). They've both had their birthdays this year, but mine hasn't happened yet. I just don't know. The three of us have been friends for 8 years, and have shared with our families (well, mine and the other one who has family on this continent). I just don't know. Looking forward to great ideas here.

We did have Thanksgiving here a few years ago, and it was before our vee, but both of them were here and I don't think it would be the slightest bit unusual to continue that way.

One of them is a massive introvert, and doesn't usually like the family gathering thing ~ but in the past, we spent some lovely intimate christmases together.

I'm not eagerly looking forward to hashing this out. Might be lovely though.
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