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Originally Posted by idealist View Post
I had the opportunity to get to know a couple and have a nice sexual experience with them a few weeks ago. ...
For the most part, men are men, and they naturally like variety. Even when they don't realize they do....
Maybe you could go out of your way to see if he can feel safe and comfortable enough to experiment some himself.
Thanks, idealist. It's good to know that there are Indian men open to alternative lifestyles. However, I don't think swinging or casual sex are for me, and definitely not for him. He knows I might be willing to try something with another woman, but we'd have to know and love her first. He's not interested. He knows he's free to explore a relationship with someone else. He's not interested. As much as it would help balance this whole situation out, that's just not how he works, and I respect our differences.
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