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Default Fun intro post!

1) Define "polyamory" in a sentence or phrase.
Intimately (not necessarily sexually intimate; however, I do mean physically intimate, e.g. hugging, hand-holding, cuddling) loving more than one person.

2) Give us a quick snapshot of yourself. Whatever you want to share in a few sentences, including whether or not you ID as poly.
Married, poly-curious, mom of two kids, career student.

3) How many partners/lovers do you currently have if any?[...] Have you ever had more partners at a time than you have now?
I have one partner, my husband. We would like to become physically (perhaps sexually) intimate with my former lover, who happens to be my husband's best friend.

4) Do you have an "ideal" poly configuration? If so, what is it? If not, why not (haven't figured it out yet, don't believe in "ideal configurations", etc.)?
At this point, Husband and I are still working out what we want. I'm not opposed to physical (non-sexual) affection with a woman, while he is bi-curious.

5) Are you out about the role of poly in your life all of the time, some of the time, or none of the time? If some of the time, when? Are you satisfied with your level of outness?
Not yet applicable.

6) Do you think that some ways of having relationships are inherently better or worse than others (poly vs mono, heirarchical poly vs egalitarian poly, etc)? If so, why?
No. I make no judgments past whether or not it would be right for me when it comes to how others live and love.

7) What are the best things about poly to you? What are the worst things?
The current appeal is to enjoy the same affectionate freedoms I have with women with a man that is not my husband.

8) Could you ever see yourself being happily monogamous?
I am currently very happily monogamous (sexually), so yes.

9) Would you recommend poly to others who may not have considered it? How about to your kids if you have any now or ever end up having any?
Recommend? I don't know. See #6.

I'm cautious about my children and unsure of how much to share. As we are not yet there, it isn't much of a concern.
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