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Thanks, Tonberry and RP!

RP, we're definitely still in the "sorting it out" phase, but it's gotten smoother, and I'm happy for that. There may continue to be sorting for years, but honestly, I was married for almost 17 years and the plan I had in my head for how life was going to go... well, THAT went out the window. No plans now and no road maps. It's scary as hell, but it's probably more honest rather than saying, "I want to be here in <x> years."

Tonberry, I thing any analogy is going to be flawed, period. In some cases, the two different POVs are just SO different, it's like trying to explain what water tastes like. I was happy to find an alternative that worked for me (in print/type - I'm sure that I may have reacted differently in person - and I may want to bring up that point, now that I think about it), but if you can find ANYTHING that works for you, then you should run with it.

Thanks again - I do appreciate the fact that everyone here is (sometimes brutally) honest, and I'm thankful for all the feedback.
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