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Default Continued

So he took my (not clearly written text) wrong.

I was up and down all night with uncomfortable concerns (some perfectly ridiculous) like
1.them getting in a fight (??) or
2.her husband or her deciding that it was "my turn" even though they know I'm not up for that (again??) and
3.worries that he would decide she was better in bed than me (never thought about that before why does it matter??)
4. him leaving me (Seriously??)
5. Nothing in particular but just a vague panic....

I went to sleep and got up to GG waking me up early to make breakfast. Texted Maca and asked when they wanted to eat/be picked up only to hear that he was bent over thinking I had decided not to come.

We got that part figured out-but it was also snowing and cold (which makes my neck issues MUCH worse). By the time I got there I was in a lot of pain and making love was NOT an option.

We all headed out to our place to get breakfast (which GG was making). We got here, ate breakfast and hung out. When she headed home he ran out and gave her a hug and kiss goodbye and said thank you.

Unfortunately he and I didn't get a 'time together' till the next week and a lot of stuff came up between Friday night and Wednesday when we got our time.

BUT she and I had time to talk (and walk) and deal and that was awesome. I confessed to her that the situation brought up a lot of emotions from my last girlfriend/loss and little details that we learned about in light of the date.

Wednesday he and I finally got to really talk and we were able to really put some things in perspective. All in all, we all grew closer together-including Maca and GG and I'm SO glad we did it!!

Ok-not sure that's the clearest written post I've ever done, but that's the gist of OUR "first" story.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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