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Sounds like a good post. Thanks for tagging it mono/poly, its great to add it to the numerous other posts on the topic.

You remind me of Mono and I awhile back. Things have changed now as he found himself crushing on a co-worker and now suddenly gets it. Still is mono with me, but is far more willing to let go of the constant battle we had of compromising who we are. Now he believes I am the one for him as I give him all the freedom he needs and wants. He's a free man with a deep love for me. How that is mono to him became up to us. We abandoned the tradition of monogamy being doing everything with ones partner (including developing close relationships) and both decided that what makes it work is unique to us. No one else. We make our own definitions of what monogamy and poly means to us and now there is really nothing to talk about. It took three and a half years. No fast conclusion.

When all is said and done, to me, monogamy really is bonding with one person (in many ways) and poly is the same but with more than one. It seems so incredibly simple yet it takes years to sort out. At least it did for us.
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