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Default Great New Book about Polyamory

Hey all,

My friend and Nash introduced me to polyamory last year through doing research for his next book. It just got published now and I would like to recommend it to you. From what I've read here so far a lot of you will be able to relate to the stuff he writes about. "Threesome" explores polyamoric relationships. It's a fictional novel but based on the experiences of people living or having lived in poly relationships. I joined him for a poly meeting in London once and really liked people's attitudes as well as how natural it all seems. Anyway, I just finished the book a few days ago and loved it so I decided to help him get the word out. Would be great if you had a look and let me or him know what you think. I'm sure many of you will have had similar issues come up as the characters in the book so I'm sure you can relate to it on a personal level and possibly gain a new perspective on how to tackle certain issues. It also gives people interested in poly a first insight of how polyamoric relationships might look and feel like. Nash is a specialist on positive psychology, personal development, counselling and coaching and a respected academic with a lot of passion for exploring how people live fulfilled lives. And also he's very approachable and always loves to talk and discuss (don't give him any red wine please unless oyu have a couple of hours )

Thanks and all the best

Here's some more info on the book: (it's like 7 pounds on amazon)
Here's a preview as pdf:
And also, there's a book launch in West London next Tuesday (24.6.2012):

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