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Originally Posted by Casablanca View Post
I'm pretty new to the dynamics of poly life but it seems to me Casablanca does already have a poly ending. Ilsa loves both Victor and Rick. Both men love her in return. Both men respect (and maybe even admire) each other and know of and respect each other's love for Ilsa. They don't get in a stupid fistfight pissing competition over her.
. . .
And it does have the most perfectly optimistic final line.
And what about Louis? Rick could be the hinge in a V with Louis and Ilsa; Ilsa the hinge of a V with Rick and Victor . . . Would that be an N?

Or, given the warmth of Victor's words to Rick at the end, maybe an open triad with Rick, Ilsa, and Victor, with Rick having an additional connection with Louis . . .

Let's use our imaginations here!
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