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It doesn't surprise me that he's non-monogamous. Honestly I imagine as a celeb with a lot of success it could be trying to be as traditionally mono as you're programmed to be or by nature are very much so.

This was my favourite part though:

"What am I actually saying to you? I don’t want you to be with anyone else because that has to do with me how? It has to do with my ego because I want to believe that there’s no one that you could ever want in the world other than me? Fuck me! I’m not that good, man. And, you know, even if I am that good, you might have a really romantic night in Italy with some guy who like, you know, blows your mind and shows you things and draws a painting of you or a mural of you on a wall, and kisses you and like I’m gonna make you feel guilty about that? Or I’m gonna make you cry or stop a romantic moment because I…I own your vagina?"

I think on a base level I've felt like this (probably since I've known anything about myself) and not even realized it until now. Just did what everyone else did.
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