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Originally Posted by Rara View Post
I've thought about what "primary" means to me, and I suppose what I'd like is for our relationship to have priority. Though, that does stem from the insecurity/fear that I'll be neglected. Something else to discuss.
There are many different priorities in life, and it's important for you to know what the priorities are..

Is it time? You want to spend more time with her than she does with other people?

Is it love? You want to make sure that she always loves you more than anyone else?

Is it commitment? You want to know that if you both get in trouble at the same time, she will always come to your side, neglecting the other?

Is it money? She should never buy presents or dinners for her other partners that are more valuable than the things she buys you?

Those are just some examples, to try to get your thought processes working a bit. some are obviously easier to do than others, but it's important for you know what YOUR priorities are... makes sense?

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