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Originally Posted by polypenguin View Post
so I arrived at a conclusion this morning: there are times in life where we have to accept that we cannot help someone. They have to help themselves.

it is difficult to be powerless, and watch someone in pain or anguish. Especially if you love them.
T and I went through almost two months of hell with E along these very lines. He kept pushing us away and saying he wanted to be by himself. That was easier for me since I'm only home on weekends, but a tougher, yet ultimately necessary, choice for T.

After T left and E got all the alone time he wanted, E came to the realization that what he was asking for, for us to leave, wasn't what he wanted long-term. It was just what he needed short-term to come to understand what was really important to him.

Here's hoping your situation gets the same dose of space and perspective it needs to heal.
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