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We have rewound the clock to January. My husband doesn't want the kids spending time with C so long as we are intimate. Only "incidental contact," never quality time. This feel so horribly unhealthy to me, I am calling of the intimacy. Again. In order to allow this man I love to be able to interact with my family and be in my life in a normal, healthy way, we are going to refrain from expressing our love physically. We'll just amp up in words, looks, and dances, I guess.

On the plus side, C has never felt right about not knowing my husband, and now he'll have that chance. He can come to our parties and things when he is in town, and there shouldn't be any reason now why he couldn't take the kids and me bird watching on a summer weekday and things like that. He can do all the things our other friends do, and that will likely bring us closer together in many ways.

On the minus side, I'm back to feeling like my marriage is a cage. This can't be good.

Marriage counseling is definitely going on our summer to-do list.
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