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Hello, Ive been reading a lot of threads and didn't really know what to say so I thought I would ask for anyone who wants to talk.
My Life:
I'm the center of a v and love it. My wife and I have been poly for 6 years and started in a v (I met them both the same day). The first v lasted for three years but one of them "p" (I noticed people use letters for names) was getting distant and I thought we were not right for her so I broke it off it was much longer and painful but it was years ago so I don't want to dwell I just wanted to say I broke it off with her FOR HER not me and it hurt like hell but I truly loved her and wanted the best for her and this lifestyle was not right for her. Hope I don't get trashed for that, i just know a lot of people seem to want a unicorn for themselves and I think the reason it worked so well is because when i love I want what is best for them. So A and I got married shortly after that. We had affairs for a while and I had a few GF's then a friend of hers became my GF and we became a v and it really fits. They connect intellectually and spiritually but only physically if they've been drinking. (just being real)
Anyway I guess what I want to talk about is that I've had a great v and now a wife and unicorn V that fits even better, (I say "I had" as in the experience not the possession) and this has been going this way for about 6 months.
Reading the posts it seems that is a really rare thing and it makes me grateful and a little anxious.
Anyone else have feedback on this to let me know its not so rare? Plus any thoughts are appreciated. I'm a very strong willed male and just went my own path, but I never had a community of poly people to talk to, Ive always been the only male one I know.
My family (parents sister etc) know and accept it because they have no choice. My mom is very religious but finally came around.
I have a very successful career so I don't come out to work but to most friends and family they accept and admire the love we all have for each other. There is a real strong bond we have that is unbreakable. If this blog as shown me anything its to be grateful for this. (Thanks to the creators of this blog for existing BTW) Thoughts? Questions?

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