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Originally Posted by Legion View Post
It's kind of messed up, but I see needing to tell someone about being poly somewhat akin to telling them if you have an STD or kids or a warrant out for your arrest. It might make them shy away from you but they are important and relevant facts about you that they need to know to be able to truly accept you for who you are and not a false image of you that you are building to try and deceive them into accepting you.
Vastly amused that kids are in this grouping, says the childfree smartarse.

To answer the original question, I tell up-front, as soon as the possibility of more than friendship arises. It's prominent in my OKC profile, and I go over it again if someone messages me because zie might not have understood. Anything later is unfair on the person in question, because what if zie is utterly uninterested in being with someone who's already with someone? Better to do it before feelings form.
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