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Came up with this today after asking myself what I would be personally interested in thinking/writing about:

1) Define "polyamory" : Being open to love/romance as it comes and goes, without the standard monogamous restriction placed that if you are already involved with someone, you should not become involved with someone new.

2) snapshot of yourself. - 34/m/ca, came into poly around 23. Realized I loved many past gfs still as well as excited about possible future romances.

3) Current partners/lovers- none. I was at one time with 3 women romantically which is the most I have seen at once.

4) "ideal" poly configuration? An understanding with the loves in my life that no matter where or when we are, our love is open and ready for each other.

5) Are you out all the time? I am always open about my feelings but there are times when I feel more focused on one person.

6) Is poly or mono or other "better"? Whatever works for the individuals involved. I feel poly is a philosophy which best reflects the ideals of unconditional and infinite love.

7) Best about poly: Having an open heart and the rewards of loving.
Worst: dealing with mono people, mostly based on feelings of rejection (of them and myself).

8) Could you ever see yourself being happily monogamous? No.

9) Would you recommend poly? to kids? - absolutely and absolutely.
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