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Default Temporary mono-mania?

Hi guys, haven't been on here in a while, but I have been lurking a bit and a recent conversation with a friend of mine has produced a line of thought.

Sometimes I meet a woman and we have a great connection so the process starts of flirting, dating, falling in love, &c. Basically being twitterpated and a bit obsessed with each other. This seems a natural thing and has happened to me many times. In these times I feel more monogamous. I don't really want to spend much time with anyone else, be they friends or romantic relationships. Later the initial infatuation wears off a bit as it matures into either a deeper love as we learn more about each other and replace mystery with fact (or we find we aren't as interested as we were at first as the facts might show us incompatible.)

As a man interested in both maintaining the deep love connections I have made and also discovering new friends and lovers, I wonder about the acceptability of these cycles and your thoughts on the matter.
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