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Originally Posted by greenchild90 View Post
I trust him to be 100% honest with me because he knows that I will not judge him, that I will listen with an open ear, & that I will think about what he says logically before jumping to conclusions. I've made this clear to him, so he knows he has no reason to hide anything from me, and vice versa. If we were to have a relationship, I would be ok with him seeing other people as long as he talked to me about it first. I'd find it difficult to "cheat" in a situation like that...
Well, you will learn that although this is great in theory, it doesn't really matter how clear you make this to somebody or how long you've known them. It's still perfectly possible for people who have no reason to hide things or cheat, to do so. Speaking from both personal experience and observations on other people's journeys in poly.

Not sure if you've decided about the actions you're going to take in regards to how you're going to handle this situation you posted about it the first place, but I hope you're making some progress on that front.
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