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Thank you Carma and Arrowbound.

We had a really nice night quietly watching a documentary, eating together and then did some of our own thing together. I did some painting in the new space we set up after I lost my studio (my parents moved from the house my studio was in) and Mono took apart some computers. It was nice to sit and enjoy being near. We talked to ourselves and occasionally each other and checked our phones now and then awkwardly, it was a relaxed and much needed quiet evening.

I have been continuing to see the other men in my life and went on a friendly date this week with someone who has been in my life for awhile. It was interesting to try on the idea of something more, but really, our friendship means more to me.

My new friend came over this weekend and we all hung out in the front yard while I worked on the van washing it and making sure it runs. I washed it with Mono and LB's help and now its ready to have adventures. PN put up tents to see which one he will take on an up coming trip. We all chatted and joked around while we did our projects. It was a lot of fun.

The day before my dating friend came over with his wife and three year old to meet everyone and watch a local parade. Everyone seemed to get along okay. Mono said he liked the families energy and didn't find it strained at all. PN seemed to like them also. He and my friend have writing common.

Last week my dating friend asked if we could be bf/gf. It was bad timing to ask, but the possibility is there. He is a lovely man and we are very alike. We think the same way about emotions and relationship dynamics. It just needs some time yet.

Derby and I and the kids all went to a local fair after the parade and my new friend came with us. It was an exhausting day, but we had a lot of fun.
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