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Originally Posted by FigNewtonian View Post

I've said it a few times is that none of us are poly people in the sense that it's used on this forum. We're all mono people in a poly situation driven by a unique set of circumstances.

I try to keep open lines of communication with both women at all times. You'll find some people on here who don't advise communicating with one side of the V when you're with the other. I don't do that.

I constantly stop, evaluate, consider and make sure that decisions I'm making are not designed to diminish others to the benefit of myself. It requires a rigorous and often uncomfortable level of self-awareness, but I think it's a necessity.

It's definitely helped that the two women get along so well though.
I don't think you're giving yourself enough credit're sounding more and more poly....might as well embrace it. ....phig Fig with a ph might just stick too.
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