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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Perhaps put out some kind of a feeler? such as, "I really need you to inform your dates about me. Otherwise I feel like we're not being honest." That's a pretty basic thing, so find out how she reacts to it. Maybe she will be the one to call it quits (although who knows, she maybe still needs you for the place to stay). But just make a request of her, something that you need, and find out what the response is. Decide for yourself if that's a response you can live with.

I can't tell yet if she's just a user, or if she has some unrealistic ideas about what freedom should look like. Personally, I feel that freedom comes with responsibility.
I did that, her reaction was that "she makes sure its nothing more than friends" she explains that if she tells them she is in a serious relationship it would make things awkward

It sounds logical explanation but at the same time - if he knows the situation he likely not to care I wouldnt think if he is not trying to have a relationship either
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