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Default Thank You

Reading your main post was amazing and scary for me. I am in a marriage now that has become complicated as he is discovering his own polyamory. Meanwhile I am completely convinced I am monogamous. I don't want to keep anything from him but I know it is hurting both of us by me trying to understand my feelings and his feelings with him. Since you have experience dealing with your own monogamy within a polyamorous relationship, would you be willing to talk to me a little bit more about that? Umm....I don't know what else to say because he reads this forum and I don't want him to get his hopes up just because I'm exploring. If you are willing please send me a private message.

Even if you can't do this, I sincerely thank you for your post because I was starting to feel like my own feelings of monogamy were invalid, hateful, and childish. And yet I couldn't stop feeling that way. Just seeing what you had to say helped me to feel just a little bit more grounded.
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