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Originally Posted by Petunia View Post
He starts off with:
What a relief to read your profile! Fun and funny, full of delight in the world and in words, and open to non-traditional relationships.
Then progresses into a bit about him that he then relates back to something I mention in my profile.
I am a singer-songwriter of mostly fun songs, I teach improv comedy to corporations for a living, and I have even put a flying kite in one of my lyrics:
"I'm rising in the air just like a kite. I'm rolling down the road and feeling right."
He talks about his polyamorous status. Shared about making his very first music video recently. Made a funny about his real name that made me smile. Shared the lyrics to the song in the video. And he had a nice closing.

All a big win-win type of message.
That particular bit... haha. If that's what you're into though. =P I find it so difficult to really find lyrics that actually mean anything more than being filler. I'd prefer purposeful nonsense in the likes of many Sigur Ros songs. Or just using the voice as an instrument in itself. But not at all like beatboxing either. =P
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