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I am in the "Harry should have died (for real)" camp. The entire series was leading up to the point where Harry would have to die to kill of the final part of Voldemort. By letting him die and be resurrected or by only making the curse kill the piece of Voldemort within Harry without actually killing Harry (2 of the most prevalent arguments about what happened at the end, I believe) seemed really cowardly to me.

His entire life served the purpose of defeating Voldemort. What the heck is he supposed to do now? Sure, he can have a family, but who would ever take a former boy-wonder seriously? He has 2 sincere friends, everyone else uses him for his fame and prestige. If he had died, he would have been with the parents he had always wanted. The wizard world would have had a true hero. By having him survive, the amazing feat of defeating Voldemort can be overshadowed by the mediocrity of the rest of his life whereas if he would have died, everyone would ALWAYS remember what had happened with nothing to taint it.

To me, Harry was set up like a classic hero throughout the series and then at the last second his fate is reversed. Instead of getting to have peace and be with his family and mentor, he gets to survive for who knows how many years dealing with people bugging him about his scar, making him relive terrible moments of his life, and generally harassing him because he was the Boy Who Lived.

Tangent over. lol Sorry 'bout that. Starting at age 10, I was expecting Harry to die in a fantastic battle to end all battles. At age 18, I was epically disappointed that the event I had been waiting on for years was never going to happen. It's what I get for reading fiction.
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