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So, tomorrow night I have a "date" with Marty. Quotation marks because we're getting our sons together to play while we watch a movie and Kitty does whatever she'd like to do (watch the movie with us, or her own thing). My son has been asking to see his son for a couple weeks now and I've been too busy to make it happen. My weekends are insane this month, which is a good thing. I'm going into tomorrow with the expectation I won't get to see much movie because of chasing my kid but maybe I'll be wrong.

Next week Monday I have a... pre-date? whatever you'd like to call initial face to face meeting with someone I've been emailing with on OKC. I don't have a clever nickname for him yet because its WAY too early to tell if I would need one. He's married too, no children, and lives locally which would be a nice change from the 45 mins drive each way I have with my current secondary.

I had a really bad night last night. Hubby and I were in the "mood" and had the kids in bed early and then I couldn't enjoy it at all. I kept wanting to do things I do when I am a top - and hubby has zero desire to be on the receiving end of any of those attentions. This of course all served to remind me that its been about six weeks since Marty and I got any time alone to do those things, and I'm not holding my breath that will change any time soon. Before Marty and I got together, I was used to surpressing those urges, so it wasn't too hard to do anymore. Now that i've been allowed to, with sporadic frequency, indulge that side of myself again, it's a lot harder to ignore.
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