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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
Helping someone get OUT of an abusive relationship is an honourable thing to do, in my opinion.

Getting into a romantic entanglement with them while they are trying to sort out such a dysfunctional situation, possibly taking advantage of their vulnerabilities - I really struggle to understand how that could be remotely ethical or healthy for them. And I can't see this as "justifiable cheating" under any circumstances.
I think the only dispute here is that I initially was only taking cheating into account when I brought the subject up, whereas others were thinking of the situation as a whole, which I did not consider at first. I was thinking more along the lines of "can I think of a situation in which cheating isn't wrong?" Which led me to "is there a situation in which breaking an agreement is okay?" and I concluded with "Abusers, screw them!" When the situation as a whole is taken into account, I completely agree that it's unethical.

In other words, I was wrong, and I'll sit here and be wrong in my wrongness.
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