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Your requests seem very reasonable to me. Of course, what you need to do is talk about them with her.

About the primary thing, how do you define "primary"? Knowing the answer to that question could help you identify what you want in your relationship with her and her relationship with others. Do you want to make sure you're not being neglected? Do you want to make sure you always come first?

Knowing about a partner's partners is fairly standard, and being told beforehand seems normal to me - you don't want to feel like she is doing things behind your back. If it's people you don't already know, would you want to meet them or would you prefer not to?

And finally, safer sex isn't something that should be negotiable. After all, any partner she has non protected sex with, you'd be having unprotected sex with indirectly. It's important to keep all of you safe, and she needs to understand that.

I think you're starting off very well and I wish you the best.
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