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Society really needs to get over the whole "men and women are completely different in every way" crap that has been going on since the beginning of recorded history. There are differences, but really not all that many. Most of it comes from gender roles. Men and women act differently because they're expected to act differently. Confirmation bias plays a part too; if one has expectations about another gender's behavior, they'll remember when they observe someone doing something that falls within those expectations, but dismiss it when they see someone doing something contrary to those expectations. In reality, most perceived differences between men and women exist because people vary as individuals and it has nothing to do with their gender.

As for this issue especially: men are expected to have a higher sex drive than women. On average, men do tend to have a higher sex drive, but there's plenty of overlap and it's meaningless when talking about individuals. If a woman isn't in the mood, whoever wanted to have sex with her may be a little disappointed, but otherwise probably won't think much of it. If a man isn't in the mood, whoever wanted to have sex with him immediately thinks something is wrong because men are always supposed to be in the mood. In reality, whether it is a man or woman, there could be a problem, or they might simply just not be in the mood. Either way, making assumptions isn't going to help anything.

amkronos, it may just be that you're not in the mood after having lots of sex. This is a perfectly valid reason in itself, but can be difficult if your partners don't understand this. Although, it might be worth determining if there's another reason or reasons as well.

You stated that your current sexual activity is 8-12 times a week. What was it like before you were in your current situation? If it was significantly less for a long period of time, you may just be adjusting to a change in activity and need some more time to make the adjustment.

Also, how often do you masturbate? If your answer is less than four times a week, you're not doing it enough. This is important. In fact, I'm putting "How often do you masturbate?" on my business cards once I finish school and become Dr. Xared: Awesome Sex Therapist!

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I spent a good two years not masturbating and forgetting my own body.
Seriously? Like, not at all? How many people did you murder during those two years?
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