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I should add that I do not necessarily need a monogamous relationship with him, should we ever end up together. I am perfectly fine with seeing him a couple times a week, and having alone time, or time with friends, or even time with another included partner the rest of the week. I respect that he likes his space, and I feel the same way. If I were to spend every day with him I might get a bit burnt out after a while. This applies to anyone I know, and I suspect is pretty common with most people and their relationships.

I enjoy getting together, chilling out in the hot tub, talking, joking, or cuddling up on the couch, watching TV or movies, or playing video games, and probably having some form of intimacy, but not necessarily every time. Just... normalcy. I really enjoy his company. But I don't need him every minute of every day to be happy. But now I can't have it at all... I shouldn't have had it in the first place. I know I need to find that happiness elsewhere... for the time being.
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