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If after 3 weeks, after they've had a face-to-face without me... if then they're not sure they want to back away from a relationship beyond friendship... then yeah we'll have no choice but to postpone (at least). That's becoming more real. I hate it, but the looming wedding date is not helping.

There won't be a wedding with P in the picture as anything more than a friend. I am not poly, and I'm not open to her being that way with me. At least, not yet. I would like to change into someone who is happy with that without compromising my core; my soul... I just don't think it's possible.

That being said, if after 3 weeks, we return to status quo with the two of them acknowledging that they can't be more than friends, I can absolutely marry A without an ounce of pain in my heart.

I've reached out to a couples counselor. A may not come, at least not at the start... I hope she does sooner rather than later.

I'm very much so doubting that A is poly at all. I honestly think that this is subconscious sabotage... she's admitted this pattern before and suffers from, at times, severe depression.
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