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Thanks all for such succinct responses (it's always good to have the opinions of objective third parties), now about this situation...I finally had to understand that what turns my partner on is group sex and he likes to watch...however, because of his duplicity about himself and observation of some rather self-serving behavior and other issues (like possibly being registered for an incident years ago involving first wife and 13 yr old stepdaughter) so my question is this: an experimental type or someone w/ molest issues? And what I finally figured out about the "body type BS" was that somehow in his mind it was ok to make me feel less than, like it was my fault for not turning him on instead of the truth which is erectile dysfunction bigtime...and even though I've been as supporting as possible something simply does not feel right...hard to explain. I mean because the guy gets turned on during oral sex performed on him....guess at that point it's ok not to be his body type!!! LOL!!! Any comments please-
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