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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Sex doesn't have to be swinging from chandeliers all the time, geesh.
As a single person too, I feel this pressure. What with going days without cumming before a hook up, and whatnot. Lately I`ve been feeling a lot like cuddling without hurry, but every time I hook up I feel like I'm in a goddamn porno set. Which I love, but this lifestyle has me feeling some sort affectionate deficit.

Yesterday, I was finally able to have this girl I am casually seeing over and simply cuddle while we did crossword puzzles. <3 I thought I`d have to stamp my foot down and have a touchy conversation (our sex is not the best), but she went along with it and it happened naturally. We fondled, but it didn`t lead to full blown sex and all the pressure to orgasm.

I feel about 8 years younger as a result.
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