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Here's a scenario that I'd like to explore a little bit.

What if I give her the green light to have a physical relationship with P.

Presently, I'm not ok with that and our line has been drawn and she's ok (not great, but OK) with it.

On paper, I'm the winner, hands down. We have a fully integrated life, a date for the wedding, we're hyper compatible and we have a long list of adventures/new things to do with each other.

It's going to break my heart to do it and there's no guarantee that once it starts that it's gonna stop. There's no guarantee that we'll ever be able to go back to being friends and if I ask her to cut him out of our lives entirely, that's going to go over... poorly. (massive sarcasm there)

Maybe I'm just second guessing. I want to be OK with her exploring feelings and being happy with P on a friends level... I just see a looming trainwreck for everyone involved if this thing gets physical between A and P.

Ok, just rambling. I think we've made the right call, for now. It's just gonna be 3+ weeks before they can face-to-face. Feels like an eternity.
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