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My wife Ginko and I have been together for ~4.5 years, having discussed polyamory since the first date. For ~the past year we've been actively seeing people, her having a boyfriend of about a year now, myself a girlfriend since last October. We all get along well, stay fairly busy, and at this point are largely on the lookout for local friends.

We've amassed a large group of poly friends (though we wish more were within a few miles of us), with half our wedding party being poly family/friends, the other half biological family. We help organize/host local poly events, listen to podcasts like Poly Weekly and Pedestrian Polyamory, and continually add to our collection of poly books and movies to share with friends.

We're in our mid-twenties, the youngest of a generation born to the older hippy generation, with friends in their 20s, 30s, 40s and up.
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