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Originally Posted by amkronos View Post
now the problem isn't performance, it is i simply don't get off every time. Problem is when that all 3 women feel like they did something wrong when this happens. I say it isn't a big deal, but eventually if I don't get this under control it will be a problem for someone.
If performance is not an issue and you're enjoying yourself, then as others mention, the women may need help to alter their perception that not getting you to ejaculate is a sign of failure. As a male that used to be into Taoist non-ejaculatory techniques, I find the whole experience of sex enjoyable, not just the point of male ejaculation, which may or may not happen each time. I'm still learning to communicate my enjoyment through sounds and movements recognized by my partners as such, and I can imagine that ejaculation is a major sign of things going well, but it needn't be the only one.

Similarly, male ejaculation need not be the end point of sex. Even if performance were an issue, a person can use their hands, mouth, or toys such as vibrators or strap ons.

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