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Smile Thanks and some pictures

Thanks Jenny for giving some feedback. Glad that something I wrote made you smile. Love making people smile. And so want to second your wish for more happy years to come

The day went great. We went for a walk. Both of them were a bit 'unmotivated' to walk that long, the spa gardens are huge, but we had a good time. Even though it should have rained, there was sunny weather, which was luck as well. Lin suggested to add some pictures, so here we go

First one was taken while walking through the inner part of the gardens, second was one of the rare landscape ones, but still outside the real gardens (we know that place, therefore we don't take pictures any more but I thought it could give some kind of impression) and the third is the only one with Sward in it, as he didn't let go of the camera all day long (as always - he is talking to Marrone, she came over later for some coffee and cake). I am not good at taking pictures as it seems, the whole angle is so off ^.^ Lastly, at the close of the day, we went to the beer garden. Hurray for sunny days when you need some *cheers*
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