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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
Be careful with this statement. First of all, many people on this forum are not hetero and had to deal with growing up with that knowledge, as well as with the idea of being poly. Second, and on a larger scale, "You can choose who you have sex with" is one of the HUGE anti-LGBTQ arguments. There are those who say, "Fine, be attracted to someone of the same sex, just don't act on it. You might be gay but you can choose not to ACT gay." Do you really want to be told to live your life that way? I sure don't, anymore than I want someone telling me, "You could choose to just be with your husband, if you really loved him." It's insulting, because I DO really love my husband, AND I love TGIB. Yes, I could choose to act mono, just like I could choose to act straight, but I'd be miserable in either case.
I'm poly and pansexual. Mono people can be attracted to and love multiple people. Saying those feelings of discrimination regarding being queer vs. being poly is like comparing being gay vs. being black. It's not the same, and I feel it's insulting.

I was also aware there are people who are not straight here. My only point was is that it's not accurate to compare the two (like comparing race and sexual orientation, or gender and sexual orientation), and that the person hadn't lost a friend, and wasn't precisely an innocent victim.
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