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Originally Posted by rory View Post
Money woes, same here (still)... Can make a person very tired.
Yup, definitely, and also other things are harder to talk about. When you're under or on that financial baseline it's not much fun.

But it's good you are able to visit!
Yeah, I asked S if he didn't mind if I detoured... was just a bit extra for flights. He seemed surprised it would even be an issue. I feel strangely awkward about things like this, not earning at the moment, and getting S to pay for me to see Carob. Maybe it's a hangover of feeling like this second relationship is something I should feel guilty about.

On the other hand, if I hadn't moved here to keep S company I wouldn't have this issue so I guess it all works out.

And it's not like I'm taking him for granted. In fact I feel so so deeply grateful. Definitely not keen to erode one healthy relationship for the sake of another, but this feels right, nourishing both ways.

Thanks for your comments rory. Funny how you all are going through similar stresses! It's nice to feel connected even from the other side of the world.

[Hehe, I just realised I've been disinclined to use Sugar for S recently, talking about money things. A couple of people have been teasing me about him being my sugardaddy! Mm. I started off with Sage which I like but it's also the nick of another person on this forum. So I'm gonna go with Sago from now. Hope it's not too confusing. Or at least, no more so than usual Ha]

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