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Originally Posted by persephone View Post
The gathering in question this time takes place monthly in a two-bedroom apartment, where there is pretty much one small space that we sit in. . . I HAVE spoken to the hostesses of the gathering and told them that I do not feel safe at a small-space event with former metamour. They are supposedly thinking over the situation. I do not know them well at all, I am new to the group, so I don't expect them to necessarily do what I want.
I had a circle of friends who met weekly; I was the new girl, but I did stick with them for a couple of years. Things got complicated with two members, romantically speaking, before I understood I was probably poly/what that could mean in practice. I pretty much asked the hostess to help me not get so badly hurt by keeping me in the loop.

Found out one of the guys I liked had gone back to his ex when they showed up together. That was pretty hard, especially when I asked the hostess how long she'd known and just didn't tell me. But what broke my trust with the lot of them was getting screamed at by the other guy's ex over something innocuous--a woman, mind you, who none of them particularly liked behind her back--and none of them cared. That was the "screw y'all" moment.

I know they want this event to be very inclusive, especially because part of its purpose is providing networking opportunities for one of the hostesses, who runs some sort of personal coaching business.
Oh, lovely. Icing on the cake. No, I don't think you should stay involved with these people, even if your husband does. They sound like an unfortunate, socially maladroit lot.
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