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Originally Posted by Xared View Post
If physical abuse is going on, I try to get them away as fast as possible and don't have time for anything else. More often though, what I see is emotional or psychological abuse, which is more difficult to deal with and takes longer. Most of the time, the victim doesn't realize their being abused. The abuser, however, usually wants me out of the picture and act like dickheads no matter what I do.
I did. And my situation (admittedly not a relationship) could so easily have been rectified, had anyone believed it was as simple as removing me from the proximity of my abuser. All that mindset accomplished was me withdrawing my trust from all but about three people in my life. When in doubt? Please ask whether the victim understands what's going on, instead of assuming.

As far as provoking the abuser, they usually don't need an excuse. Attempting to get the victim out can provoke them as well.
Which is why you work with professionals on this. I didn't say "march up to the abuser and have a great big pissing contest about who gets the victim". Stupid about these things I ain't. What has your approach been so far on helping people out of abusive situations?
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